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This bedding:

These beddings from Ankasa. Like or no? I want a BEDCOVER to go over my duvet that I sleep with. This should be a blanket of some sort. I kinda like the loose embroidered look of the first picture. I need to get something feminine/granny/grungy in this room NOW because it’s starting to look like we hold porno auditions here. Seriously.


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Antique Goodness

I have been loving this antique desk at a New Jersey antique store for at least 8 months. The only problem is that I have absolutely no need and no possible place to put it.

Ever buy anything like this just because you cant bear to not buy it?

Some other goodies that day: 

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From HERE.

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Love the one you can afford? Damn you!!!!!! 

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Rebecca June sent me this picture via Erin Ever After and we REALLY want to know what this etagere  is and where I can get one or something like it. Anyone know?

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You guys all remember when I upgraded from my Lack coffee table to this beauty?

Well, its time to do away with another big hunk of Ikea thats hanging out in my dining room. The Norden Dining table is soon to be no more. The thing is, at first I really liked the Norden table. It was white, clean and HUGE and looks like it cost much more than the $399 I paid for it. Now I think its time for an upgrade. Up close, there are chips and scratches and I think its a little bit too narrow for the space. It’s really hard to serve on a narrow table and I end up putting all my food buffet style. Also, you can see that three chairs fit between the legs of the table, but it is really tight and even when I extend it the legs stay in the same place so its still snug for the diners.

(In case you are wondering, those are Plexi-craft Z chairs and the cushions are Ikat and were made for me by Plum Cushion. I DIE for them. The King and Queen chairs are a lucky Home Goods score and the tassel is from Samuel & Son’s. The vase is really a jar and is from Home Goods as well.)

So – Here are the contenders. I know that I need something woody here for sure.
This one from Hickory Chair is my first choice. My only concern is that it its 72″ inches and with a leaf extends to 96″. But it is 48″ wide, which is AWESOME.  May be a tad short for me. 
I LOVE this table by Oly Studio. How do you guys feel about round dining tables? I could go the reclaimed route with this table by Restoration Hardware. Here is another one of Restoration’s tables, this one has a more refined finish. The size, extension leaf and look would probably really work in my apartment. 

Two more tables by Oly Studio. One thing is for sure, they make interesting products.  These two tables may not hit the mark for me, but Me Likey. What do you guys eat on? I need something that can fit AT LEAST 8-10 people and can accommodate more. Any advice?

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I really want to buy a piano. I grew up with a piano in the house, and  despite suffering through years of lessons as a kid, I kind of feel like it makes a house so much more homey. I want my daughter to learn how to play, and I would love to get my fingers up and running again.  Plus, obviously, I love the way they look.

So, I perused the internet looking for some pictures and discovered a very thorough post by Things that Inspire. These are some of my favorites….


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