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My husband just brought home the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Call me crazy, but the photography in this issue seems a little off, no? The girls are more than gorgeous, phenomenal really, although the pictures seem a little bit strained to me.

I dont think its just me being a jealous bitch, ’cause my hub noticed it too. Some of the smaller pictures that they collaged seem like they are better shots than the blown up ones.

Either way, I think the Olympians STOLE THE SHOW! Those girls are HOT and awesome!The painted on bathing suit spread featured the girlfriends or wives of soccer stars.  Would you ever be able to post naked like this? I think maybe I would, but HOW could I sit there while someone painted me? Crazy! What was your favorite section?


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British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead at his London home on Thursday, his spokeswoman said. He was 40 years old. HERE. It’s so sad that so often the people with such creativity and talent are so troubled. 

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Gray Nail Polish. Why, oh why are you on my nails? EW.

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I bought this dress today at the Jill Stuart store in Soho. For $150 dollars. Literally the buy now, wear forever deal of the century. They had tons more stuff on sale, including this dress in ivory, black tweed, tan, gray and black velvet.

They also had some other dresses like this:

Or this: 

But the simple bustier was my favorite. GO GET ONE.

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Gym. Tan. Laundry.

Last and biggest misstep of the night: Julia Robberts. Very, very inappropriate dress. 

Sandra: I wish that fabric wasnt so shimmery. Other than that, you looked beautiful. 

Mega hot. Loved everything about this look. 

Drew looked good. You might hate those funky things hanging off of her, but the color suited her and she looked glowing and pretty. The speech was bordering on nuts.

Clooney and girl: Hot. I love that dress. Im on the fence on Cameron. Maybe I dont like the makeup? Dont like the shoes…. I dunno…. Nothing to complain about, but not the best she has looked. 


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Some people have this dumb idea that you cant mix black and brown. Once you put on your black sweater, you now must wear your black boots. Ummmmm, NO. I will prove to you that the perfect colored brown leather boot, bag, belt or jacket will go with anything. Especially your all black skinny jean + black t combo.

DWP-153113-main_FullRalph Lauren in leather pantskate rocks black and brown001806-mystyle-MKfashionwMaybe I am just a sucker for some brown leather. I freakin love it. All of the favorite things I have ever bought myself were brown leather and I still wear them. Some are 5 years old.

DO NOT think that this thing doesnt work in the home. I think its absolutely neccisary in the home. You must add something brown to a black and white room. Something woody, something rustic, something leather, something natural. If you dont, your look will be one dimentional and fall flat. Proof:

atlantahomesmag6a00e554d7b8278833010536e75059970b-500wi12-1The good news is that if your house MUST have a man cave, you can use some of this stuff and make it into a sexy masculine den instead of the awful black leather couch with vintage liquor posters on the wall hell. Actually, I take that back. Even if you had a black leather couch and the vintage posters, if you mixed in some of this brown stuff, and painted the walls a sweet tooth type brown, you would be chic. Or chic-er.


Buy it @ Tonic Home.


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A huge shout out to my friend Caroline Hedaya, because one of her dresses was worn on Gossip Girl last night! If the headband crazy is any indication of the GG influence on trends, Carolines signiture, the ruffle back dress, which is available in different variations on her line, will be huge!

S09_02The dress that was on Gossip Girl
S09_13Another version of the dress from the spring line. F09_3The go anywhere skirt that I bought  on Fashions Night Out. Sexy, yet appropriate for anything.

Congrats Ca! Buy it HERE.

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