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My husband just brought home the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Call me crazy, but the photography in this issue seems a little off, no? The girls are more than gorgeous, phenomenal really, although the pictures seem a little bit strained to me.

I dont think its just me being a jealous bitch, ’cause my hub noticed it too. Some of the smaller pictures that they collaged seem like they are better shots than the blown up ones.

Either way, I think the Olympians STOLE THE SHOW! Those girls are HOT and awesome!The painted on bathing suit spread featured the girlfriends or wives of soccer stars.  Would you ever be able to post naked like this? I think maybe I would, but HOW could I sit there while someone painted me? Crazy! What was your favorite section?


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Um, Did any of you Big Love fans know that Margene’s character has a BLOG? That dates all the way back to March 2006? Was the show even around in 2006? Who sat and wrote down an entire diary for a fake character? Oh, and people are actually commenting on Margene’s blog (A LOT of people) … asking her questions about her life – the same way you ask me about my table skirts. “Margene, I cant believe you still love Bill….How do you stand it?”

Is this weird or super cool? Do any other TV characters have blogs? Like wouldn’t it be awesome if Homer Simpson had a blog?

Anyway, Obviously, I love this. She is my favorite character on the show… (although I do love all the wives and everyone except the compound folk- Bill’s parents – EW) and it’s so cute and like her to have a blog. Now she has some video blog entries… stupid but funny. If you cant get enough of Margene, read it HERE.

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An Ipad. Bad!!!
A gigantic Iphone that is better than both my computer and my iphone: Yes!!!!!!

You know who else needs this: My grandma and Mother in Law. They both have Mac’s and Iphones, but what they really really need is a regular flip phone and this baby. Lets be honest: the iphones functionality as an actual phone is nil. Obv I would NEVER switch to a regular phone, but for someone like  my grandma, who knows how to work her iphone, but it annoys her because it never works, and doesnt know how to really work her mac, this thing is PERFECT!!!

I want one!

Update: Apparently, a lot of people agree with me that the Ipad will be a super hit with the over 60 crowd. Read this article here.

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Gym. Tan. Laundry.

Last and biggest misstep of the night: Julia Robberts. Very, very inappropriate dress. 

Sandra: I wish that fabric wasnt so shimmery. Other than that, you looked beautiful. 

Mega hot. Loved everything about this look. 

Drew looked good. You might hate those funky things hanging off of her, but the color suited her and she looked glowing and pretty. The speech was bordering on nuts.

Clooney and girl: Hot. I love that dress. Im on the fence on Cameron. Maybe I dont like the makeup? Dont like the shoes…. I dunno…. Nothing to complain about, but not the best she has looked. 


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I cant stop looking at these pictures. Seriously, the girl is a wacko. Am I the only one who thought she looked SOOO much better before fame with the big nose? She was cute. Her hair was cute. She was lovable and still very pretty. I think the nose job actually made her look worse. She looks pained in these two pictures. I dont know any other 23 year old who wears that much makeup. Nor should they. For that matter, they should also REFRAIN from getting brow lifts. We are entering bonafide crazy territory here.

She needs to take some tips from her sister in law Stephanie Pratt. Who has had plastic surgery and looks 1000X better. Serious improvement. She went from looking like a greasy Shepratt…. to….. 

Pretty much unrecognizable in a good way. She looks like a pretty girl. Look at photos on the right. She is pretty. Much prettier than Heidi is now. 

Another Hills plastic surgery case is Jayde Nicole. Yucky duck lips. Here is the before and after. Seriously, who knows what else she has done, obviously boobs, but what else? Dont know. But seriously, Lip filler should be used with the utmost of caution. It looks terrible most of the time, so really, should only be used in the most dire circumstances. 

I know, I am too old for this.

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Tonight Man Vs Wild gave us some new episodes. I freakin love Bear Grylls. Really love him. But why did he have to give himself an ENEMA (of putrid bird crap water) on TV? Why? Because apparently, this can save your life one day. Your colon will absorb the water and you dont run the risk of poisoning and vomiting.

I really hope someone, somewhere sees this and uses this information to save their life.

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Via Godammit, I’m mad & BoingBoing. Its funny cause she is suing people for saying she was photoshopped.

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