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As you may have noticed, I changed the look of my blog. I am still in the process of tweaking it to make it look better, but the big transition from a WordPress.com to a wordpress.org blog has been completed, thanks to my Husband, who sent me to see the Valentine’s Day (B-) movie with my girlfriend but sat home all day transferring my files. Now that’s romantic.

Read this in The Times today and I liked it. It’s part of an article called “Love in a hard place” aka NYC. This may not be the warmest place, or the prettiest, but it’s not a war zone, people! Its just a city. Anyway, here it is:

Puppy Love: Lost, Found

We got our dog, a King Charles spaniel, a couple of months after we got engaged, a first tender step toward the responsibilities and compromises of building a life together. We were lucky to live a block from Central Park; I was even luckier that he was the one who walked our dog, Bowie, there in the early morning, rain or shine.

One frigid February morning I awoke to a breathless phone call from my betrothed. Bowie was gone, having disappeared into the wilds of the Ramble in pursuit of a fluttering sparrow.

While I sprinted in pajamas through a traffic light, then a gantlet of evergreen boughs, I imagined our 7-month-old, 15-pound, pink-tummied puppy flattened by a taxi, drifting on an ice floe in the Jackie O. reservoir or clutched in the talons of Pale Male.

I made a singular promise. Whatever happened, as long as I lived, I would never blame the loss of our dog on my future husband.

Drawing near the southern edge of the Great Lawn, I spotted them in the distance: a man kneeling down with a mud-caked puppy; my family reunited.

We walked home together quietly through the dappled light that bathes the park at that hour. I let out a deep breath. People always say that having a dog teaches you how to love someone in a straightforward, unconditional way. Sometimes, that someone is not the dog


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1. Do you eat most of your meals while at the computer or in front of the television?

2. Do you sometimes bring your laptop when you sit on the toilet?

3. Do you check your feeds more than 1x per hour?

4. Do you make a nervous habit out of refreshing your inbox over and over, just in case someone emailed you in the last 45 seconds?

5. Can you not remember the last time you didn’t check online reviews before eating at a new restaurant?

6. Do you freak out if you’re in a car and there’s no GPS?

7. Does the verb “tweet” come up regularly in your real-life conversations?

8. Have you ever changed vacation plans based on wi-fi availability?

9. Are there more than two portable electronic devices within reach right now?

10. If your house were on fire, would you run in to rescue your laptop?

Take the rest of this quiz here and report back with the results. I got a 35. Which means this:

30-39: Pothead – You’re addicted, but you have no desire to quit. There’s a box of Ho Hos on the desk, and you had to brush Cheeto dust off the keyboard to log into your computer, which you keep password protected with heavy encryption. You hurried through this quiz because your guild is waiting for you in the other window. You really should consider counseling.

Sounds about right.

My husband claims he only got a 16 but I KNOW that CANT be true because he forced me to get all this crap and taught me how to use it!!! There is no way in HELL that he is telling the truth.

How addicted are you guys… Spill it.

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I went to the MoMA yesterday with my 12 year old sister… It was her first time. Which I really cant believe because when I was a kid I think I was in a museum every weekend! Anyway, to sum it up: This is why we live in NYC people. Sure it cost a fortune, it smells bad and I was hit by a cab this week, BUT I can go to exhibits like this ANY TIME I WANT!!!

The museum and the exhibit were jam packed, even at 2 pm on a Thursday. But seriously, Tim Burton is a genius. There were HUNDREDS of drawings, paintings, movies and sculptures… spanning decades. Apparently Tim grew up in the 50’s in Burbank, California AKA Pleasantville. He did not fit in and spent his time drawing and painting. While in high school he wrote a children’s book called The Giant Zlig. He submitted it to a publisher, who thought it was very good but didnt publish it. He graduated and went to the California Institute of the Arts and then went on to work for Disney. After 4 years working there, he began to gain recognition within the film industry. He was chosen to direct Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and the rest is history!

If you can make it to NYC for the exhibit, I highly recommend it. After you are done with Tim Burton you can go up to the Monet Water Lilly exhibit and the Painting & Sculpture collections. Amazing!


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Forsythia is one of the earliest bloomers and thank god for that! I love the way they look, so wild and pretty. I also like the look of Quince but today I chose these. First I had mine on the coffee table. Very Eddie Ross/Elle Decor Chic. (BTW GO VOTE FOR HIM IF YOU HAVEN’T) But that wasnt going to work for me. So I moved them to their new home on the window sill. I hope they dont stain because they are brushing against my silk pleated roman shades! I also bought these for my nightstand. I really need to take a flower arranging class. (Btw, that picture frame came with the horses in them. And being a complete LOSER, I left it in there.)I spoke to my local florist,and he is going to deliver a fresh bouquet to my house every week!! Nothing like fresh flowers to make a room come alive! Oh, btw, some of these images are Via Habitually Chic.

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Garden Classrooms. 1.6 million dollars. Brooklyn.

I LOVE this idea, even if it does cost a fortune and “there is no evidence it teaches kids to read better” etc. Read the full story HERE.

Awesome. Now that I have a kid, I really think a lot about the school system and how I feel about it.

I went to school from 730 AM-530 PM all my life. I learned both hebrew and english studies. I was an A+ student. But I cant help but feel that I dont want that for my daughter. Why should she come home exhausted and then sit down for hours of homework? Why should she sit through hours of miserable classes taught by a lot of people who really hate kids, with just 1 or 2 GREAT teachers tossed in through out the years?

I dont really know what the alternatives are, but I know that I toured one preschool and the director told us that the kids only get 25 minutes of play time per day. All the kids were sitting at tables like little soldiers. I HATED it. 2 years old is really really young to be sitting at a table for 3+ hours per day.

It kind of depresses me that soon I will be handing her off to the system.

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I literally loathe Time Warner Cable. It is probably one of the worst functioning companies I have ever been exposed to.

A few reasons:

1. My TV never works.

2. My Internet is slow. Glacial.

3. My phone line is linked to the internet and sometimes they both go down and I have an iphone, so it does happen that I am effectively cut off from the outside world.

My main complaint is the cable.Let me tell you about how bad it is:

The remote never seems to turn on the cable and tv with one push of a button. It always takes about four or five intense pushes for me to get the tv on.

Then I try to hit guide or list. There is a nice lag on the screen and it may or may not go blank for a few seconds.

If I push the select up button(not channel up, the other one) it scrolls up uncontrollably until I turn off the TV.

The sound often cuts out for endless periods of time. I then have to reboot the box.

We called and complained about the box, and they gave us a new one, which was even worse!!! The lag was unbearable. So we called again, and they brought us back the old one. It seems that no matter what, they cant provide us with a product that works!

What are some other options for cable in NYC? What have you guys heard about Fios? RCN? Direct TV?

For a couple as obsessed with technology (and tv) as we are, these technological problems are unacceptable!!!!

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Instead of starting the new blogging year with a bang, I started with a whimper! Not posting and not reading other blogs  for so long is like letting my brain rot!

A few thoughts: What do you guys like reading about on my blog?

My life?

My house?

My projects?

Other peoples houses?

My rants?

What other  blogs do you guys read? What makes a blog a good read to you?

There has been so much talk between bloggers about copying each other and blogger plagiarism etc… that I wanted to give my opinion. Sometimes I write the blog thinking that other bloggers or people who read other blogs are going to read it. Sometimes I write it thinking that even if another blogger wrote about it, I know some of my readers (ie my friends) dont really read other blogs and that they would be interested in that particular idea/image as well… I look at the blog as my own little mini magazine, and I can include anything I feel like including, even if it is boring to some. It doesn’t make me any money so I am free to post as I wish. If a blogger is almost famous or super popular, they have to do a little more work to be original, as they should. Its not that its wrong if they post about something that has been covered ad nauseam, it  just eats away at their credibility.

Also, people who dont like that some bloggers snag pictures and TEXT out of  design books: Not everybody reads every magazine and every design book. If someone wants to scan some pictures that I have never seen, why not? Just try not to disgust your more knowledgeable readers by pretending you wrote it- correct?

What are your thoughts on bloggers and plagiarism? This isn’t high school after all.

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